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posted by [personal profile] tadorna at 02:32pm on 26/02/2017
hello, this is a crossposting test - exciting, I know! One day I may post actual content again.
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posted by [personal profile] tadorna at 11:03pm on 30/05/2016
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Hamilton - Miranda
Rating: Teen & up
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Aaron Burr/Alexander Hamilton
Additional tags: AU - Newspaper; AU - Modern Setting; Take Your Fandom to Work Day
Summary: Aaron Burr works in the design department of a regional newspaper office. Alexander Hamilton works downstairs, in the newsroom where it happens.

Local Matters

*new fandom klaxon*
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posted by [personal profile] tadorna at 06:26pm on 26/03/2016
I went to my Saturday morning writing workshop today, and our theme this week was the London Underground. This is what I wrote.

why am I posting this here, you ask? I do not know! )
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posted by [personal profile] tadorna at 06:00pm on 03/01/2016
Hello, I've spent this holiday season really pushing my limits - I've broken my own record for speed-eating a Co-Op pack of mini sausage rolls all by myself, and I'm well on the way to transforming into a very beautiful slug.

God knows what happened this past year - I've forgotten most of it. I know I went to Wales at one point. I joined a local Saturday morning writing group, who are a bit like the Breakfast Club if they were in a fairground hall of mirrors. And I started enjoying Doctor Who again, which was nice. This year I've already done something I've never done before - I made hollandaise sauce, thanks to [personal profile] birdgerhl 's recipe on Twitter. Twitter and the internet in general continues to give me life, while slightly ruining it at the same time. Ah well.

Other things I've managed to do while being crushed by the iron grip of social media: posted a Yuletide New Year's Resolution fic, which was meant as a Treat, but although technically finished on Christmas Eve, needed some time to rest and mature in the dark. Anyway, it's a gen fic in the very popular @TLFTravelAlerts fandom, about commuters and climate change and tea:


Also, to continue a theme somewhat, I've rounded off my year of monthly 'stuff I wrote on the train' blog posts: Sidings. So that's that done. I might think of something else to do with it this year, or I might not.

Merry January, all of you.
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posted by [personal profile] tadorna at 08:57pm on 22/12/2015
Actually, this was meant to be a ghost story for several Christmases ago, but better late then never, eh?

Title: Till the Boys Come Home
Fandom: Downton Abbey/20th Century RPF
Characters/relationships: Ivor Novello/Thomas Barrow
Rating: Mature
Wordcount: 7600
Summary: Ivor Novello spends New Year's Eve at Downton Abbey, and encounters some things that go bump in the night...

Read at AO3
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posted by [personal profile] tadorna at 11:19am on 29/11/2015
Wondering if anyone would be willing to read a fic for me? It's 7600 words -ish, and it's Downton Abbey but it's sort of about Ivor Novello and ghosts and sex and class and war and stuff. Also it's written in first person in the form of a letter. I can hear you all champing at the bit as I type.

As usual, it's mostly to check for mistakes and root out obvious crapness and so on. Any offers of help gratefully received, but no need to feel obliged. Ta!
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posted by [personal profile] tadorna at 03:39pm on 20/11/2015 under
(Hello, I wrote a small thing. Warning: may not make much sense if you haven't seen the episode.)

Title: Silent Retreat
Characters/relationships: Robert Lewis & James Hathaway
Rating: G
Wordcount: 1700
Summary: Problems with words. And Lewis and Hathaway in a beer garden again.
Notes: Set immediately after the Season 9 two-part episode Magnum Opus. Spoilers for that episode and Season 9 generally.
Additional tags: friendship, bisexuality, episode tag, beer, pubs, drinking, sexuality, relationships, family

Read at AO3
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posted by [personal profile] tadorna at 10:15pm on 03/11/2015
Hello. I've updated my weird blog, for those who were interested in being kept informed.

I had other things to say, but I am just. Too. Tired.
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posted by [personal profile] tadorna at 09:09pm on 30/09/2015
Well done everyone who posted every day, or nearly every day, or some of the days. Thanks for providing stuff for me to read this month, it's been very nice.
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posted by [personal profile] tadorna at 01:48pm on 30/09/2015
I had a wordpress blog that wasn't getting used for much, so I started to use it to write about the things I think about on the train:



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