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I know a former Station Manager at King’s Cross. I met him working on a sailing ship. He’s a captain now, on another ship. I’ve been promoted.

Nearly eleven years ago I was on holiday on the ship where I later met him. He was at work, on a day when everything was suddenly not fun any more. He took leave after that, and a temporary contract somewhere sunny. I remember the date because of the Londoners on the ship with me. Hearing their concern for their friends was - and remains - the closest I’d been to terrorist activity.

Hello! That's apparently 100 words of making your writing theme all about me, sorry. The reasoning behind it goes something like 'you go to a writing workshop? ooh. that sounds both nicely sociable, and terrifying, because words. congratulations on sociability, I fail at it a lot. I wonder if I could do words?' And these are some of the words that came out.

I've been taking little green and yellow tablets for a while now, they seem to help take away some of the paralysing [fear/ohfucknopeoplemightlookatme] involved in doing [oh, pretty much anything]. Hooray. Yet you notice that I'm posting this in your journal not mine? Yeah, apparently I still can't get so far as to write where other people might see me.

Hi anyway. I hope you are well, I like your words, thank you for sharing them.
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Helloooooo! :)

I love that you took the theme and responded to it - I wish lots of people would do that (although this is no longer a lots of people sort of place, I suppose...)

(I remember that day too, I was at work in my old job. We only had one computer that was connected to the internet because it was a bit of a weird place, and we all took turns using it to get make sure people we knew were ok. I was in the city maybe a week or so later? It felt strange. Friends i saw not long ago reminded me that the occasion was the launch of one of the HP books, but I didn't remember that. Strange how everything dissolves into mist in the mind).

The writing workshop IS both nicely sociable and terrifying, you are correct! :) Well, it was a bit at first. It's very nice really - relaxed and friendly, and no pressure either to write or read anything you don't want to. It was only terrifying because social anxiety, and, well, as you say. But I persevered and feel much more comfortable there now.

I'm glad your tablets are helping. It is basically an ongoing battle, and I empathise entirely. I'd love to see you on your own journal again, but if not then you're always very welcome here! :) Not that I get round to posting much these days either... The less you do it, the more difficult it is to start again. But we shall prevail! Are you anywhere else on the internet these days? I tend to spread myself into a number of internet corners, but many of them make me feel old. Which is fine, because I kind of am.

Yay thank you for commenting! :)


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